Transaction Support

Due Diligence Reviews

Obtaining a true picture of the underlying business is an important part of both the acquisition process and the post transaction strategy. We carry out financial investigations on target companies located nationally and internationally, drawing on BDOs presence in over 1000 offices and 100 countries. This includes investigations for corporate, private equity providers, banks and other institutions.

The scope of a due diligence review depends on the transaction and your specific needs. Typically, however, most buyers, investors or lenders are interested in:

  • understanding the business, its people and its drivers
  • key risks and opportunities in the business
  • any potential ‘deal breakers’
  • issues likely to affect the purchase price or the terms of the transaction
  • assessing the sustainability of historical earnings
  • quality of assets
  • immediate and future tax consequences
  • potential business synergies associated with the transaction
  • Reliability of financial projections.

We can support you in the following ways:

  • We can identify the issues important to you and work with you in gaining a clear understanding of their implications
  • We can enhance your understanding of the target business and therefore increase the likelihood of meeting your objectives
  • We can offer independent, practical and robust advice that focuses on the key issues allowing you make an informed decision