Debt Advisory

Strategic reviews/Business Planning 

There is increasing pressure on businesses to have a robust approach in their handling of operations and finances. For the purposes of a one off internal management review, bank request, ongoing management reviews or other, we can offer a full suite of support services.

Financial Projections Modelling

Planning, structuring and analysis are integral to the success of your projects and business initiatives. BDO Northern Ireland work closely with your team to assist your business by building a customised financial model specifically designed for your requirements.

We also perform reviews on existing models to test the mathematical accuracy and integrity of the model or to confirm that assumptions have been accurately incorporated.

Our key Financial Modelling services include:

  • Financial model construction
  • Financial model review
  • Project analysis
  • Project feasibility
  • Project financing.

Financing – Refinancing 

BDO Northern Ireland specialises in advising businesses across all sectors, ranging from the development stage through to successful international growth. Our experience and expertise has assisted our clients to successfully secure funding from a range of sources.

We have a strong track record assisting trading clients of all sizes on funding and refinancing options and, over the past 12 months, have helped secure new and revised facilities for our clients. This has been achieved through our experience which spans funding origination (i.e. knowing who to talk to), structuring and good execution. We offer clients valuable knowledge and insight to the debt finance markets.

Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients to secure funds from various sources including:

  • Debt funding
  • Private equity
  • Revenue refunds

We can assist you by project managing the funding process from start to finish or alternatively providing expert advice in relation to certain aspects as required. Our service offering includes:

  • Assessing your funding requirements
  • Assisting in developing a finance strategy
  • Business plan preparation/modelling/review for presentation to potential investors
  • Leading and project managing the funding/refinancing process
  • Leading and advising in relation to the negotiation of terms.