• Mergers & Acquisitions inc. MBOs

Mergers & Acquisitions inc. MBOs

It is important for companies seeking to grow by acquisition to ensure they look at the full range of issues in any contemplated transaction.

Potential tax liabilities can arise across a whole range of taxes from corporation tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, VAT, withholding taxes and PAYE/NIC.

Where a sole trade business goes into partnership, takes over another business or is being sold, we will ensure that the shareholders / partners receive the necessary tax advice in particular in relation to maximising the potential returns available and limiting as far as possible the tax exposures arising from entering into such transactions.

With our cross functional team we can ensure that clients get access to the right expert advice. We are a fully integrated team, our tax team works closely with our corporate finance and consulting teams, advising on merger and acquisition opportunities and conducting necessary due diligence.

The tax areas that BDO Northern Ireland can assist include:

  • Structuring the deal in a most tax efficient manner which may include possible restructuring before the sale.
  • Acquisition and vendor due diligence reviews identifying material tax exposures and making recommendations.
  • Assistance with the legal agreements in relation to tax matters.
  • Advising on tax efficient remuneration for departing executives / employees of the target company to include incentive schemes for staff retention.