Payroll Management

BDO Northern Ireland offers a comprehensive payroll management service, which includes:

  • The creation and maintenance of payroll records for each employee
  • Liaising with your office to collect the base payroll data from which to process  the payroll and expenses payments
  • Calculation of Income Tax and National Insurance deductions
  • Processing of fixed, variable and temporary amendments such as overtime, allowances, bonus payments, expenses, loans, advances etc
  • Calculation of statutory payments and student loan payments
  • Processing attachment of earnings orders
  • Dealing with any online secure messages sent to us by HMRC in respect of your payroll
  • The submission of National Insurance Number ( NINO) verification requests as appropriate to verify or obtain a NINO for a new employee
  • Provision of forms P45 to leavers & processing of starters
  • Processing employee share options
  • The provision of monthly payroll & BACS reports to facilitate payments to your employees and HMRC
  • Submission of all required reports under Real Time Information to include in year Full Payment Submission Reports ( FPS) and Employer Payment Summaries ( EPS)
  • The provision of Employee Payslips ( secure /e-payslips if requested)
  • The option of direct payments to your employees and related third parties such as HMRC and pension providers
  • The option of bespoke journals to assist with your internal financial reporting requirements
  • Year end compliance including the provision of forms P60, electronic submission of the final Full Payment Submission and Earlier Year Update ( EYU) if applicable