Financial reporting solutions

In an increasingly complex and regulated accounting environment, many companies are finding that they have a need for on-going or ad-hoc financial reporting advice and support outside the confines of the annual reporting cycle.

Your challenge

Financial reporting challenges arise not only from external events, such as changes in accounting requirements, but also from internal events such as acquisitions, disposals, reorganisations and restructurings, re-financings and listings. The following questions and subsequent challenges may well be familiar:

  • How will the transition to New UK GAAP impact us? What choices are available and what will the tax impact be?
  • How do I ensure that my team keeps up-to-date with developments and trends in accounting and reporting?
  • I’m not sure we have the resources in terms of time or capability in converting to FRS 102. Can you help?
  • Following the acquisition, we are converting to IFRS. What impact will this have on distributable reserves? How can we avoid any dividend blocks? What will the tax impact be?
  • What impact will the introduction of IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers have on our reported results?
  • What accounting issues are likely to arise from our proposed restructuring? Are there alternatives that we should consider?
  • In preparation for our IPO, we need to transition to IFRS. How will this affect our wider business? What will the impact be on our profit related pay scheme? How will our debt covenants be affected? What changes need to be made to our internal reporting systems and routines?
  • Our current accounting policies have evolved over time. Do they remain the most appropriate or are there better ways of presenting the group’s results?
  • How will the introduction of IFRS 16 Leases impact our group balance sheet?

BDO Northern Ireland’s solution

Bringing together cross-discipline expertise, our Financial Reporting Solutions Group can provide support in a number of ways:  

  • Transaction support - we can help with the key accounting issues that arise from transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, disposals and IPOs.
  • Reorganisations and restructurings - we can assist with the accounting complexities frequently encountered with group reorganisations and restructurings, to help deliver the best outcome for you.
  • GAAP conversions - we can advise on the technical complexities arising on GAAP conversions, ensuring that in addition to the accounting impact, due consideration is given to the commercial and tax issues that inevitably also arise.
  • Impact analysis - we can help you address forthcoming changes in accounting standards and the impact that they can have not only on reported results but on tax, distributable reserves and the wider business.
  • Ad hoc advice - we can assist with specific ad-hoc queries, ensuring a resolution that is both technically robust and sensitive to the commercial needs of your business.
  • Financial report drafting support - we can undertake technical accuracy reviews, competitor benchmarking and disclosure note drafting.

Working in partnership with you, we combine expert technical knowledge with practical, commercial experience and develop technically robust financial reporting solutions aligned to your business needs.