Special Purpose Audits

We assist our clients with a number of non statutory audit assignments and other specific reviews, and can tailor reviews based on a clients individual needs and requirements. Below are a list of examples.

Completion Accounts Work
As part of an acquisition, a set of completion accounts may be drawn up to help determine the final consideration paid for the company or assets acquired. These are likely to be prepared by reference to the sale and purchase agreement.

In conjunction with dedicated specialists, we can assist clients in preparing, commenting upon or reviewing such accounts.

BDO Northern Ireland will, as part of this process assist clients in arranging payment of the appropriate consideration for the acquired or disposed company/assets.

Service Charge Auditing and Accounting
Service charge audits are often provided with a widely differing level of service and fees. We understand that clients need to manage the process, cost and delivery.

We offer a dedicated client service team that understands your business. As a single service provider we can specially tailor our process to every client and provide agreed service levels.

Our approach is designed to improve the property manager’s own process, making them more efficient and in turn more profitable.

Non Statutory Audit Engagement to review financial statements
Clients may require a report on financial statements or non financial information which does not fall under the requirements of Statutory Audit.

We provide independent audit assurance on the integrity of financial statements and can report upon certain other quantifiable information.

Our report provides independent assurance on financial and non financial information to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.

Specific Reports
Clients may require a report on a certain component of the financial statements or to confirm that they are compliant with a contractual agreement or regulatory requirement.

We provide a report on:

  • whether a component of a set of financial statements are prepared in accordance with the basis of accounting
  • whether particular provisions of a contractual agreement, such as a loan agreement, have been complied with
  • the internal controls over the financial reporting process.

Our report will provide an independent opinion on these aspects to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.