• Agri-Food


Fewer industries have more competing demands and pressures to cope with than agriculture.

The rural economy is under immense pressure, which in turn is affecting farmers, landowners, agri-businesses and supporting industries. As political and economic factors increasingly challenge, and to an extent limit the returns from agricultural production, rural businesses need to adjust to meet the demands of the markets they serve. There are many challenges ahead for stakeholders in the agriculture sector and as such it is important that businesses not only prepare for  challenges but take advantage of the opportunities they offer when they come. 

Now is the time to reassess your existing business and consider its likely future development. Some businesses will need to change to meet the challenges they face. Many owners of rural businesses and their families have invested their lives in their enterprises and we at BDO Northern Ireland hold this at the fore front of our minds when providing advice.

BDO Northern Ireland has built up a wealth of experience and has a strong track record in advising clients across the agri-food industry.

Our agri-food team provide our clients with an integrated multi-discipline offering. From strategic advice, operational reviews, to mergers and acquisitions to restructuring businesses, we help businesses looking to grow, consolidate & achieve their goals.

BDO Northern Ireland can offer advice on a range of issues including:

  • Restructuring your existing business
  • Reorganising your finances
  • Preparation of business plans, cash flow forecasting and monitoring
  • Identifying new uses for old assets
  • Entering new markets
  • Estate planning
  • Valuations
  • Working with environmental issues