• Contacts


We use a customer relationship management system to collect and process personal data about business contacts such as existing clients, prospective clients and their representatives. Such personal data will typically include name, identity of employer, job title, email address, office address, telephone number and other contact details. We collect such personal data directly from the contact to whom the personal data relates.

We may use such personal data and make it accessible to our people for the following purposes:

  • Managing, administering and developing our business 
  • Providing information to clients and prospective client about our services
  • Identifying our clients or prospective clients’ business needs
  • Analysing interactions between our people and our contacts to provide information to our management on relationships and trends, including the use of an automated analytical tool to evaluate the frequency and timing of interactions with contacts.

We do not sell or otherwise release any personal data collected from contacts to third parties unless we have first obtained consent from the relevant contacts to do so.