• The Business of Sport: Partnerships Fostering Future Leaders

The Business of Sport: Partnerships Fostering Future Leaders

19 December 2022

“Any partnership, corporate or otherwise needs to have mutual benefits and like any business it is important that corporate partners align with your own business values and can provide added value to your business.

“We at BDO NI have always partnered with organisations who share our values. The support we have provided to a range of youth led sporting clubs and organisations over the last number of years has allowed us to become integral parts of local communities. Anyone who has first hand knowledge or experience of a sport at grassroots level will understand the positive impact it can have on a young person’s outlook.”

In our latest Business of Sport series article with Local Women's Sport Magazine, BDO NI Partner, Laura Jackson discusses the important role that corporate youth sport partnerships can play for both the business but also the sporting organisation itself to ensure its growth.