• The Art of the Unknown: Global Risk Landscape Report

The Art of the Unknown

08 July 2021

Why did a quarter of senior global business leaders not respond quickly enough to the pandemic? Is having an appetite for risk the defence against a crisis and should you be overhauling how you manage business risk? These are just some of the questions addressed by the 2021 Global Risk Landscape report.

Drawing on the experiences and insights of 500 senior global business leaders, the sixth edition of Global Risk Landscape reveals the characteristics of those who have best adapted during the pandemic. From blame culture and obstacles through responsive decision-making to the adoption of technology and its associated risks, the report looks at all aspects of risk management and mitigation.

The Report and survey cover a range of issues and deliver a huge amount of useful data. We are offering you a variety of ways to get the useful insights and explore the data. Hopefully, there is something here for everyone.

Download the full Global Risk Landscape 2021 report to find out:

· How did businesses adapt to unparalleled levels of disruption?

· How will long-term risk management principles change after this year?

· The dangers of instilling a ‘blame culture’

· What links technology and risk management together

· What risks CEOs are thinking will come next and how will they rise to them.

Download the main report and access our regional risk white papers, all with a simple one-time registration.

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