• BDO Top 100 Locally Controlled NI Business Series- Almac

BDO Top 100 Locally Controlled NI Business Series- Almac

18 July 2019

Continuing with our Top 100 Locally Controlled Companies series, BDO wanted to highlight and congratulate Almac Group who took the fourth spot on the Top 100 list this year. 

Almac Group is an exceptional company providing specialised drug development services, with unparalleled innovative expertise and experience. Founded in 2002 by the late Sir Allen McClay after the merger of his original Galen business (founded in 1968) with Warner Chilcott, Almac works across numerous areas such as Diagnostics and Biomarker Development, Pharmaceutical and Analytical Services, Clinical Services and Technologies in addition to commercial drug product manufacture. Ultimately, however, this company sees itself as being in the “business of helping people.”

BDO went to meet Kevin Stephens (Group Finance Director) and Kevin Reid (Group Global VP of Marketing) to talk to them about their success as the company celebrates its 50th year and asked what advice they would give to other aspiring local businesses. 

Almac Group