• BDO Family Business Network

BDO Family Business Network

23 January 2018

BDO have extensive experience working with Family Businesses of all sizes, in every sector throughout Northern Ireland, helping them with their succession planning and to put the policies and procedures in place to manage a smooth and successful transition from one generation to the next.

We launched the Future of Family Business in NI survey in 2017, and have listened to family businesses throughout Northern Ireland on the issues important to them and gathered their concerns and experiences (see the full research report here).


We would now like to invite you to be part of our FAMILY BUSINESS NETWORK.

Each month we will invite guest speakers to talk about the issues identified in the Future of Family Business survey as relevant to your business. We aim to provide practical advice and facilitate discussions on each topic in a series of In-Camera breakfasts throughout the coming year.





8am-10am (with breakfast included)


22 February: Governance within the family business
15 March: Are you Brexit ready?
19 April: Rules for sustainable income in retirement
13 September: Managing conflict in the Boardroom
18 October: Employee recruitment & retention
15 November: Realising value from your business-  the options

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